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Home Sealing Checklist

Windows and Doors

  • Check all windows and doors for air leaks.
    (Tip: If you can see daylight around door and window frames, then you have a leak.)

Crown Molding

  • Check for cracks and gaps between the molding and wallboard.


  • Check for air leaks where faucets or pipes penetrate the house.


  • Check for cracks and leaks in walls and floors.


  • Check for loose siding and cracks around the exterior siding of the house.


  • Check for leaks around all air vents and ducts.


  • Check for leaks around electrical wiring, recessed lighting, electrical outlets, and phone and TV cables that penetrate walls throughout the house.


  • Inspect all areas where two different building materials meet (e.g., where siding and chimneys meet, and the areas where the foundation and the bottom of the exterior brick or siding meet).

Gutter and Flashing

  • Check for leaking gutters and cracks around flashing.

Don't Waste Time and Energy

Not all caulk is the same. Because silicone is permanently waterproof, flexible, and shrink-/crack-proof, unlike most non-silicone caulks, it won't leave gaps or cracks for air and water to seep through over time. Those leaks can lead to water damage, mold growth, and higher energy bills—all of which can translate into your lost time (when you have to do the job again), lost energy, and lost money.

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